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On May 18, 2011, I wrote an article about Slutwalk.

I asked followers on twitter and friends on facebook to provide me with examples of the scenarios in which they were labelled sluts.

These are their (often hilarious) responses.

Competitive slut

I have been called a slut:

* For having breasts

* For wearing a leotard. Outside the gym a gymnastics competition was being held in.

* For having sex.

* For not having sex

* By my father, for getting sexually assaulted. Actually, he didn’t say I *was* a slut, just that I *looked like* one.

Submitted by Geneveive

Genetic Slut

I got called a slut in high school for having large breasts (like they were a choice). I was a virgin.

- Submitted by spanna

I got called a slut in Year 9 because I was a tomboy.


I once got called a frigid dyke cocksucking slut. 

The deliverer of possibly my favourite insult ever (for the layers of internal contradiction) was, of course, a man I didn’t want to sleep with.  

A friend of mine got called a frigid slut when she was breaking up with her boyfriend in year 8. She came up to me giggling after the break up exclaiming “what does that even mean?”

Tampon > Vagina > Slut (?)

I was called a slut by my father for accidentally having left part of the clear-plastic-wrapping of a tampon on the floor of the bathroom. It was “slutty” apparently.

Sorry, I published those submissions and didn’t realise the submitters’ names wouldn’t be published. I’ll remedy this in the future.

mimisaurus asked: I got called a slut once while I was sitting on my then-boyfriend's lap in high school.

I got called a slut

By my mom when she found out I was sneaking out of the house to meet people for hook up sex when I was 18.  I will never apologize for how much I love love love love sex.

I was called a slut once because a guy was hitting on me and I wasn’t interested. I don’t want to talk to you so therefore that must mean that I want to sleep with you, makes perfect sense.